face-armour — phantasmagoria — technological topography — iridescent futures — spectrum in repetition

Atsumori is dance piece for a quintet and a luminous stage.
It is intimately inspired by the homonymous Japanese Noh theatre piece written in the XV century, where a ghost of a child-warrior, who had been killed in combat, wonders the battle field hoping for revenge, ultimately finding reconciliation with his new reality: that of being a spectrum.

On stage we see bodies wearing mask-armours, which are organised in the determination and occupation of territories, generating identities and codes of common presence, impelled by individual impulses.

These are living surfaces, autopoietic oracles, who dance muscular memories of manifestations of movement and rhythm from a fictional imaginary, spectralized by social constructions of the past and future.

This project is produced by Materials Diversos and Diagonal Animal.
It is co-produced by Teatro Municipal do Porto, Center Pompidou in Paris and the Bulgarian One Dance Week Festival. Furthermore it is supported by Agora—Montpellier Danse, CCN Caen, Teatro Viriato, CTR-Circolando, TNSJ, Espaço do Tempo, Teatro Académico de Coimbra and Instituto Camões.




— April — Première — DDD Festival / TMP, Porto | Pt
— April — Abril Dança Festival — TAGV, Coimbra | Pt
— May — Centre Pompidou, Paris | France
— May —One Dance Week Festival, Plovdiv | Bulgaria



"Garbage Gods" Garnment by Rammellzee