phantasmagory — inner drive — collective celebrations — autopoietic system — technological topography

ATSUMORI is a dance piece for a quintet and a luminous stage, intimately inspired by the homonymous Noh Piece where a ghost of a warrior, wonders the battle field hoping for revenge and ultimately finds reconciliation with his new reality.

The proposal approaches the reciprocal influence between individual drives and the reproduction of economic systems, reflecting about alternatives to contemporary social constructions as well as to libidinal economies referring to the control of affection, emotion and pleasure, typical of consumer societies. 

The choreographic research is based on the approach about dance and community codes and inspired in distinct formats of court dances, religious dances and club dances — Noh, Gagaku, Voodoo, Candomblé, Footwork, Kuduru. 

The creation seeks to establish symbiotic, synesthesic and autopoietic systems of relations between dancers, scenography space, music and light, triggering fictional and emotional territories to be occupied and traversed.



Production — Materiais Diversos, Diagonal Animal (Portugal)

Executive Production — Materiais Diversos (Portugal) 

Coproduction — Centre Pompidou (Paris/ France), Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto/ Portugal), One Dance Week (Plovdiv, Bulgary);

Residency Support — AGORA (Montpellier/ France), Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo/ Portugal), Teatro Municipal do Porto (Porto/ Portugal);

Première — 2023 — Centre Pompidou (Paris/ France)



"Garbage Gods" Garnment by Rammellzee