A scenic construction for one performer, where a space is inhabited by an animal pulse outbreaking from a human body. The mediating place of this zoomorphic transposition, is crossed by movement and air, where an object, a skin, subject of a metamorphosis process is impregnated with life, generating a state of vitality.

Ram Man/The Quiver Made of Flesh is a solo created during 2012/13, where the idea of transmutation of matter takes place within a body. The piece approaches elements of Aomori, Buyo and Noh (Japanese Scenic Arts) within a poetic scope that relates funerary and mimetic gestures. The scenes are organised and developed within a game of mirrors, where repositions of actions along trajectories appear. The process of revealing and omitting matter is lead by light, in a permanent dialogue with the pulsation of sound.

This process relates elements of “invisibility”, “transition” and “otherness” creating maps of action from empty spaces, developed over cyclical structures of time. The piece is inspired by Haruki Murakami’s romance “A Wild Sheep Chase”, that develops the possibility of a sheep choosing a human body as its immortal residence.


Creation, Performance — Catarina Miranda
Music, Dramaturgic Support — Jonathan Saldanha
Light Support — Ryoya Fudetari
Support — Soopa, Flocks&Shoals, PISO, Maizuru RB & Dance Box Kobe Japan, TMPorto, SummerStudios (at Parts/ROSAS), Orient Museum Foundation, Companhia Instável, N.E.C., A Sala, Curator’s Lab (Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012), PAJ/ IPJ. Acknowledgements: Júlio Mendes Rodrigo, A.M.Miranda, M.A.Miranda.

TMP Porto | Pt — 2015
Dock11Berlin | De — 2015
Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória Porto | Pt — 2014 
DanceBox Kobe | Jp — 2014
Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012 | PtMosteiro São Bento da Vitória Porto | Pt — 2012