SHARK * Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge


the capitals are in the point of splendour after which begins the agony  its splendour has the freshness of dawn – P.P.P

Shark presents a scenic and gestural apparatus that enclosures a technical mechanism for a public execution, in an approach to the invisibility of violence, leading to a process of empathy, vulgarization and to the sensation of coercion. This action consists of a series of operations on inanimate materials – trash, debris and objects – which are normalized, invested with a cargo, gathered and agglomerated as bodies and finally executed as such.

SHARK * The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge is the first PIECE of the trilogy REI about archetypes of power and violence.



Artistic Direction, Dramaturgy, Light, Scenography, Performance — Catarina Miranda
Music, Dramaturgy Support — Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Support: Gestão dos Direitos dos Artistas, Festival Map/p – National Theatre São João, Dock11 Berlim, Teatro Municipal de Campo Alegre, Companhia Instável, Flocks&Shoals, SOOPA; Residencies of creation: FórumDança/ Rumo do Fumo (Residências no Espaço da Penha2014), National Theatre São João, Companhia Instável, Dock11 Berlin; Acknowledgements : Francisco Queimadela, Mariana Caló, M.A.Miranda, A.M.Miranda

February 2015 — Palcos Instáveis, Municipal Theatre of Porto | Pt
June 2015 — PT Platform, Espaço do Tempo | Pt